Posted On: 01-07-2021

David R. Vaught, Ph.D.

Coaches, the success of your team does indeed rest upon your shoulders.  Maybe not something you want or expect, but you are the leaders and the force behind the team’s preparation, execution and competitive edge.  While shooting is likely dormant for a few weeks, now is the time to set into motion a plan for making your team the best it can be. Here are a few thoughts:

  • Organize the team and recruit now – have a few meetings without shooting and discuss with the team what their goals are for 2021
  • Take this time off and read materials on coaching, shooting and leadership – we can always learn more
  • Start planning your meeting time on the range and develop lesson plans to maximize the time you have each week
  • Figure out how to reward great effort and attention to quality shooting rather than just the number of targets shot
  • Prepare for a year that places more attention on the experience rather than targets hit
  • Learn how to become a mentor – someone your youth shooters look up to
  • Establish a relationship with parents and be inclusive
  • Start emailing some readings and perhaps video links on shooting that could be discussed online with the team
  • Take some time to learn more yourself by attending a coaching meeting or seminar
  • Become familiar with each shooter’s skills, equipment, gun fit, gun patterns, footwork, pre-shot routine and habits you can improve by adjustment
  • While at practice avoid the obligatory “5 station 25” and instead lock the trap house and shoot all hard rights from station 5
  • Find ways to create distractions to train your shooters to concentrate
  • Consider your lexicon of words and make sure they are always positive and constructive
  • Create some signs with positive statements or use a white board and ask your kids each week to come prepared to write something positive on the board
  • Think about a period to debrief after each shoot – use this time to discuss the positives of your days shooting
  • Find ways to have fun – mix up some shooting and create some internal competitions
  • Do a fund raiser and donate to your foundation account
  • Ask your local range about a Spring Break Em event
  • Finally – and I mean this – make sure shooting is fun!

On behalf of MYSSA we wish you best for 2021.  Keep up with our website for announcements and dates for competitions.

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