Posted On: 12-10-2019

MYSSA December 2019 Newsletter

As we head into the Holiday season on behalf of the MYSSA Board of directors we would like to thank everyone for another great year and Happy Holidays.

Keep in mind this is a great time of year to get your shooter geared up for next season.  Here are a few items to look into.

Shooting glasses designed for the range are a key for acquiring targets quickly.  A good choice is to have 3 different shades to go from bright sunny days to low light.  Always take the time to get an eye exam before ordering new glasses.

Range bags are another great item for the young shooters.  This allows them to keep their equipment together for an easy grab and go to the range.

Hearing protection is essential and custom molded ear plugs are a great idea.  With the multitude of colors and styles it allows the young shooters to express themselves with matching team colors.

Shell pouches are covenant and allow the shooters to keep track of their rounds during a round.

Gun cleaning supplies are always a good idea.

Instructional videos can give shooters, coaches, and parents valuable insight to the sports.

Hard gun cases are a wonderful accessory to help keep your guns safe while traveling to events.

Spring will be here before we know it and hopefully these ideas will help you prepare for next season.

David Hart

MYSSA Board of Directors

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