Posted On: 02-04-2020

Many years ago I received my private pilots license.  I will never forget as the FFA examiner handed me my license he said, “This is not a license to fly, but rather a license to learn.”  I have think, this was a guiding prophecy for the rest of my life. 

I look back at my interest in the shooting sports and the inaugural trap academy with the underlying need to learn more simply because I wanted to share it with others.  Coaching and youth mentoring is not something we have naturally.  All of us need to continuously learn.

I recently watched an HBO special with both Nick Sabin and Bill Belichick two of perhaps our greatest football coaches.  I was really impressed with their conversations that included questioning each other about how they did what they did.  When Nick Sabin was asked who has provided more opportunities to learn, Coach Sabin responded,

“I don’t think there’s any question that he’s given more to me,” Saban continued. “I mean, I learned probably more when I was a defensive coordinator at Cleveland working under him for four years. Not just about football, but about the organization of having a good program and how to define the expectations for people in your organization so that they know exactly what to expect and exactly what you expected from them so that they could do their job well.”

I my mind, I have to think each of these coaches know more than most ever will in the world of coaching and yet they are still willing to learn.  That is my message to all coaches – be willing to learn from others.  In the end it is your youth shooters that win.

In the eyes of your youth shooter you are their mentor.  You are responsible for bringing new ideas, methods, drills, training exercises, mental growth and skill development that translates to success. 

On March 21st MYSSA is providing a great opportunity to learn.  Be a part of this great day for your youth shooters.  I promise you will learn something you can share.  We can all learn from each other.

David Vaught, Ph.D.

Executive Director

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