Posted On: 01-07-2021

David R. Vaught, Ph.D.

The year 2020 is now behind us and we should take this time to reflect back on whatever shooting we were able to accomplish in 2020.  Each of us has different ways to prepare ourselves, while some take life as it comes to us. 

Think about some goals.  Decide what will make you happy with your preparation, performance and leadership.  Determine something different than just how many targets you want to hit.  Think in broader terms and open your mind to bettering yourself in even the smallest and subtle ways.  Here are some ideas:

  • Set practice goals like times per week, and targets per week
  • Determine each practice goal and discuss how you can improve with your coach
  • Think about competitions and how you will prepare
  • Set some ways to measure your success like improving each time you shoot
  • Consider changes you may make and how these might impact your shooting
  • Become more aware of what you do each time you shoot and all the variables

When you shoot set some goals

  • “I will focus during practice and not be distracted”
  • “I plan on arriving at practice with the mental focus necessary to improve”
  • “My efforts each round will improve my results”
  • “I don’t need to know how many targets I hit, but rather why I missed the targets I missed”
  • “My pre-shot routine will be consistent and efficient”
  • “I can win because I work hard at getting better”
  • “While I shoot I will concentrate on me”

Finally, consider your leadership.  What can I do in 2021 to make my team better and myself? 

  • Before each practice offer encouragement to your teammates
  • Be helpful in all aspects of shooting
  • Offer yourself up for constructive criticism
  • Take the time to discus positive and constructive coaching
  • Be open to change and show others how you can improve
  • Offer up readings, videos, and information on better shooting
  • After each practice take the time to share what went well and what did not
  • Never hold back your thoughts – it just corrupts your concentration
  • Be optimistic and positive at all times
  • Share in successes of others

This idea of competitive shooting has so many aspects that YOU can control.  You have the ability to mentally, physically and emotionally prepare yourself for 2021.  Take a few minutes to get ready.

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