Posted On: 03-02-2020

As the spring moves forward we are all getting anxious to work with our teams and help them grow into highly competitive shooters.  On behalf of MYSSA I want to personally invite you to the Coaches Meeting and Clinic on March 21st.  This is a great opportunity to learn new techniques, meet other coaches, win some raffle items, grow your Midway USA Foundation account and have some fun shooting. 

At the meeting we will collect any donations you are willing to provide and double them up to $2,000.  We encourage you to make a deposit of any amount.  We do understand you have tight budgets, but consider depositing a portion to move your account forward.  Remember this money will be available to your team each year into the future – leave a legacy.

Here is a schedule of events:

MYSSA Coaches Meeting – March 21, 2020


9:30 a.m.         Welcome from MYSSA – Dave Hart, David Vaught

9:40                 Welcome from MTA: MTA Representative

                                    What MTA offers your shooting team

9:50                 Sharing Team Successes

Head coaches highlight program success with new and seasoned coaches – then share

  • Events
  • Team growth
  • Financial growth
  • Parental support
  • Practice routines and frequency

10:30               Getting kids interested – Jim Sappington – Missouri 4-H enrollment and shooting sports

10:45               Teaching skills/motivation as a coach – David Vaught – Being Hands-on

11:15               On the Range- a look at footwork drills – David Vaught

12:00               Lunch / Networking with teams

1:00                 Midway USA Foundation Team Endowment Accounts: Sarah Hall

                                    Your team may win $1000*

1:30                 Gun fit, recoil and maturation – David Hart 

2:00                 Upcoming season: Tony Shockley, MTA Youth Chairman – Dave Hart – MYSSA

2:10                 AIM Presentation – Setting your trap houses – Steve Ricketts

2:30                 Coaches Fun Shoot – Deposit into foundation account of $100 for winner

3:30                 Drawing for shotgun and other prizes – Raffle Tickets

Door Prizes – 1 raffle ticket for every deposit into your foundation account on March 21 – 5 raffle tickets for each team that did not make a deposit in 2019 – $10 minimum.        

*If your team makes an online donation on March 21, your team will also be eligible for a $1000 addition to your team endowment. This is only for Missouri coaches in attendance on March 21. That’s pretty good odds of winning since there are only as many entries as there are coaches in attendance! The donation can come from anyone. The online donation minimum is $10 and it only takes one entry to be eligible.  Must have 15 teams present. If five or more teams a drawing will be held.  If less than 5 the money will be evenly dispersed.

If there are coaches who plan on attending who have not yet set up an account with the Foundation, go to this link to get it set up now to be eligible to win the $1000.   (

David Vaught – MYSSA Executive Director

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